Customer Service: More Important Than You Think

What is customer service? According to this article, it is the element of business transaction that will surpass price and product by the year 2020 – That’s probably because 82% of customers polled stopped doing business with a company because of a bad customer service experience. High-quality customer service holds the power to improve any brand, including Arkansas’s. An article with just 25 statistics may hold the power to change the way you interact with your guests.

Using Social Networks to Influence Travel and Hospitality Bookings

Did you know that every Facebook fan equals 20 additional website visits? Or that one billion restaurant visits are influenced by online marketing? Social networks are easily accessible, powerful and often free tools that greatly impact the tourism industry. Use the infographic below, from Hospitality Net, as a handy guide to social networking in the travel and hospitality industry to start driving social traffic to your site!

Using Social Networks to Influence Travel and Hospitality BookingsMonetate Marketing Infographics

Customer Service Training, Showers and Daily Rituals

A shower is much like customer service training: you need it daily, and you can’t take one long shower to prepare for the entire week. In the same way, one large dose of customer service training won’t cut it for the whole year.

This article by Forbes gives tips on how to stay fresh and incorporate customer service training into a daily routine.

Four Keys to Killer Customer Service

Customer service skills can make or break a company. This article by Time points out that bad customer service can kill a company’s reputation, but it can also be a great tool for a savvy business owner working to get ahead of the competition. According to the article, there are three groups of people who determine who will do business with you.

1. People at your company with whom customers interact
2. People whom customers know in real life
3. People whom customers know and trust online

If any of these sectors practice bad customer service, it could be your competition that receives the extra business. Read the article to discover four keys to exceptional customer service that will leave your business booming and your customers happy.