Hospitality Hot Tip: Telephone and Email Etiquette

Careful! Nothing says poor guest service like lackluster telephone protocol. When service representatives don’t

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understand proper phone etiquette, no one wants to be the customer on the other end of the line.

Learn how to make a solid first impression over the phone, and give your guests the best experience possible by watching this Hospitality Hot Tip that shares some great telephone and email etiquette tips that are sure to wow your guests.

10 Best Customer Service Stories of All Time

Wow! If you’re looking for some inspiration to boost your guest

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service techniques, check out these amazing customer service stories from The Buffer blog.

CAUTION: You might want to read these with a box of tissues on hand!

Four Keys to Killer Customer Service

Customer service skills can make or break a company. This article by Time points out that bad customer service can kill a company’s reputation, but it can also be a great tool for a savvy business owner working to get ahead of the competition. According to the article, there are three groups of people who determine who will do business with you.

1. People at your company with whom customers interact
2. People whom customers know in real life
3. People whom customers know and trust online

If any of these sectors practice bad customer service, it could be your competition that receives the extra business. Read the article to discover four keys to exceptional customer service that will leave your business booming and your customers happy.

Create A Welcoming Environment

Creating a warm, inviting environment makes customers feel right at home and encourages them to linger a little longer. Think about some of your favorite places to eat, drink or shop. There is a very successful boutique in Little Rock that offers complimentary hot coffee on a side table near the front door; it’s always a welcome sight for customers, especially when the weather is cold.

This article addresses the Top 10 Things to Make Your Customer Feel Welcome. Here they are in brief detail, and, best of all, they’re all free to you:

Smiling in Person
A small but important gesture, a smile is a first impression that goes a long way.

Smiling on the Phone
A bright, upbeat tone in your voice can help customers respond positively.

Store Appearance
This includes the parking lot and, of course, the storefront. Make a habit of tidying up during downtime.

Employees on Breaks
Offer employees a place of their own to take breaks, so your customers don’t get confused about who is available and who is not.

Electronic Welcome
If your business is Web-based, ask visitors to sign up for your e-newsletter. Send them a simple welcome message, and invite them to come back again.

Addressing by Name
If you have the opportunity to address a customer by name, whether in person, on the phone or via email, do it. A personal touch makes for a memorable experience.

Focus on Customer
Pay attention when a customer is speaking to you. Avoid unnecessary distractions in order to truly listen to their needs.

Personalize Your Communications
When possible, learn something about your customer, and use that newfound connection when applicable.

Say “Thank You”
This is another big one! Thank each and every customer at the end of a transaction or communication.

Keep Communicating
Make an effort to continue the dialogue with your customers even when they are not buying from you. Send brief emails or mail postcards about new products or promotions.

2014 Community of the Year

Siloam Springs was named Welcome to Arkansas Community of the Year at the 40th Annual Governor’s

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Conference on Tourism in Rogers.

Arkansas Tourism Director Joe David Rice presented the award to Siloam Springs Chamber of Commerce President Wayne Mays, Co-Chair Christina Drake and Welcome Center Manager Betty Ross, who accepted a plaque on behalf of the community.

Group With Award
Left to Right: Wayne Mays, Scott Sudduth, Christina Drake, Betty Ross, Joe David Rice

“Siloam Springs has vigorously implemented Welcome to Arkansas principles and additional training opportunities,” Mays said of Siloam Springs’ involvement in the program, “Locally certified trainers now host biennial Welcome to Arkansas training sessions for our front-line personnel, and have created a powerpoint for these presentations that features photos and information about these points of interest to take training attendees on a ‘virtual tour’ of Siloam Springs’ best attractions.”

“We have taken the principles of the Welcome to Arkansas program to heart, and have used it as a leading development tool for furthering tourism and quality of life improvements in our community,” Mays said.

Three communities were nominated for the honor, including Siloam Springs, Batesville and Clarksville.